Editorial and commercial photographer, journalist and writer working with national publications and brands. UK based travel, outdoor content creation and celebrating the stories of rural Britain.

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Dartmoor Magazine // The Robey Trust

Alex Masters, the Chairman of the Robey Trust, comes strolling out of a large industrial unit, green boiler suit on and arm outstretched. ‘Welcome to the Trust!’ he exclaims with a beaming smile.

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Coast magazine // Soothed By The Sea: A Trip to Eilean Shona

For the February 2020 edition of Coast magazine, I travelled to the small island of Eilean Shona in Scotland, spending time in the down-season reflecting on time by the sea and its mental restorative benefits. I walked, swam and went out in the water in a Canadian canoe to experience the best of what small island life in Scotland can bring.

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Telegraph Online // Penzance: Britain’s Next Holiday Hotspot?

Sitting at the end of the train line and acting as the gateway to the ‘wild west’ of Cornwall, Penzance has seen its share of changing times over the years. But the town is modernising at a pace, with the recent announcement that it will be receiving a share of the Government’s £655 million high street fund to help regeneration.

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