Dartmoor Magazine // The Robey Trust

Alex Masters, the Chairman of the Robey Trust, comes strolling out of a large industrial unit, green boiler suit on and arm outstretched. ‘Welcome to the Trust!’ he exclaims with a beaming smile.

I’ve come to the Robey Trust’s unit on the Westbridge Industrial Estate, just to the west of the River Tavy in Tavistock. Their position, tucked away in a fairly unassuming corner of the estate belies the frenetic activity that goes on behind closed doors. Inside, volunteers and engineers work on a very important collection of historic steam machinery dating back 150 years. From professional craftsmen, metalworkers and boiler engineers to steam enthusiasts, there’s a daily coming and going of a huge range of people here from all walks of life. Being invited in, it’s clear that this isn’t work to be taken lightly and the passion behind the whole operation is immediately evident.

View some images from the article and the shoot in the gallery below.

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