Peak District Winter Walks: Edale to Kinder Scout

peak district winter walks

Last weekend, we decided a little adventure was required. Winter walking in the Peak District is easy, and thanks to the proximity of the High Peak District to major towns in the area, as well as Sheffield and Manchester, it was an obvious place to head. Peak District winter walks can take you to some surprisingly wild places.

Just north of the pretty town of Buxton, which is the highest market town in the country, the High Peak District is laid out before you. Driving towards Edale, the tiny hamlet of Barber Booth lays in the bottom of the valley and we parked in a small car park that acts as the main stopping point for those wanting to take a wander up Kinder Scout.

Kinder Scout is a moorland plateau and acts as the perfect challenge when embarking on Peak District winter walks. It’s the highest place in the Peaks, the highest place in the East Midlands and also the highest place in Derbyshire, so we were unsurprised to find a touch of snow at the top and some fairly impressive winter winds to keep us on our toes.

Parking in the car park, make your way along the clearly defined footbath to the farmhouses at Upper Booth. From here, keep walking and the footpath slowly becomes more remote and wild, with trees fringing the edges and making the whole area feel almsot Scandinavian.

Keep walking past the little bridge that marks the start of Jacob’s Ladder, and begin the climb up to Kinder Scout. It’s here we came upon our first bit of snow, and as we climbed, the air begun to bite and feel remarkably colder.

As the dusk set in we found a camp spot – out the way of everybody and of course in a space we knew we weren’t disturbing anyone, could get down off the plateau easily in an emergency and in an area we knew we’d leave no trace.

Visit the Peak District National Park for more advice and information on walking in this amazing landscape. Return to the journal or view my photography

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