Offa’s Dyke in Monmouthshire: A 6km January Walk

I started January with a brisk walk along Offa's Dye in Monmouthshire. Here are somer photos - the walk is available on OS, and the link is provided in the article.
Offa's Dyke walk monmouthshire

A beginning of the year, I wanted to seek out a short walk close to Bristol that was in Wales and took me on the Offa’s Dyke.

Offa’s Dyke is a piece of earthworks that generally follows the border between England and Wales. Constructed by the Anglo-Saxon king of Mercia, Offa, it generally can be viewed as a ditch that follows the contours of the surrounding hills – once marking the boundary between his kingdom and the next.

This walk, linked below, starts in the pretty village of Brockweir in Monmouthshire, and continues for around 6km into nearby woodland. It’s a calming walk, starting on the banks of the River Wye, and at its height elevation wise, commands excellent views across the Wye valley and down to the Bristol Channel below. What’s more, it’s only about 40 minutes walk, so it was perfect for me to jump in the car and do of a relaxed morning. Below are a few images from the trip, and click below to have a look at the OS map route I followed.

It feels really important to me to get out during the down time and the winter months. I think it’s great to see the landscape in its naturally dormant state and watch the world grow as the months tick by throughout the year. Offa’s Dyke and the natural border between the ancient lands of England and Wales is the perfect place to do that!

Visit the link below to view and save to your favourites the route I followed.

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