Cornish Tipi Holidays

In late summer, I visited Cornish Tipi Holidays to snap some images of their lakeside vibes and canvas hangouts.

Basked in calm late summer sun, there’s a quiet burble of activity surrounding the lake at Cornish Tipi Holidays. Families paddle out on Canadian canoes, couples sit on gently moored pontoons. It’s an intoxicatingly cold dip, but there’s a fire to make back at the tent, and the promise of a sundowner BBQ.

Genteel summer holiday vibes are name of the game at Cornish Tipi Holidays. There’s a grown up approach and attitude here but families are more than welcome. In fact, it’s a perfect place to bring the kids and let them explore in comfortable, safe wilderness. The destination itself is nestled in a disused Cornish quarry, and is well set up for quiet, sheltered getaways. For me it offered the perfect opportunity to switch off after having nothing but screen time to fill my day during the first lockdown.

The fire gets made, chicken gets cooked and the smoke gently wafts across the autumn hues of a late summer sunset. I think about going back for a later-evening dip in the quarry. Decide to wait until the morning. Oh, what decisions have to be made. 

There’s a Gastropod Cafe on site, which unfortunately was just closed for the season, but the fabulous tent and polytunnel set up strikes me as the perfect post-COVID restaurant. Totally wild, homegrown and as socially distant as is possible to get. Perfect.

A few more swims before we walk to Port Issac across the field. Grim – too busy. Back to Port Gaverne we go before a slightly more sedate paddle. We cut out loses in the end…Cornwall is incredibly busy after the lockdown has eased. Back to the sheltered haven of the tipis and that wonderful lake.

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