Guardian Travel // Mobile Foam: Surf Portugal’s Best Waves by B&B Truck

Surf B&Bs and hostels have flourished along the Portuguese coast in recent years – journalist Veerle Helsen celebrates their laid back charm and cool design in her book Surf and Stay – but we were making our way through the countryside to the Truck Surf Hotel, which offers something different and not just because it was parked on a hillside surrounded by cows and donkeys.

Discover Britain // Loch Lomond From Above

Loch Lomond is the largest stretch of inland water in the United Kingdom, and the second largest by water volume, second only to its perhaps more famous sister, Loch Ness. At 23 miles long, it also spans 3 counties just 14 miles northwest of Glasgow, making its unique landscape, location, history and heritage as the Lowlands meet the Scottish Highlands a draw for visitors worldwide.

Dartmoor Magazine // The View from On High: The Dartmoor Gliding Club

Down an unassuming lane between Brentor and Mary Tavy, a small, hand-painted sign points the way to a clearing and some surprisingly well hidden buildings. It’s only when you get a little closer that you realise these relatively industrial looking structures doesn’t belong to any of the number of farms that surround the area. It’s early morning on a sunny Saturday, and members of the local Gliding Society are putting plans in place for a day of soaring above the Dartmoor countryside.